Convert email/addr book from Netscape 6


Larry Webb

Is it possible to convert Netscape 6.0 Email, Folders, and
Address Book into MS Outlook or Outlook Express?

Ryan M. Keith [MSFT]


If Outlook or Outlook Express does not specifically have an import wizard
for your version fo Netscape, then we'll have to go to some kind of
"intermediate" format. Try exporting your data from Netscape as a Comma
Separated, or Tab Separated file, and then importing into Outlook or
Outlook Express.

TIP: Normally Outlook Express is better at importing items from Netscape
since they are direct competitors of each other. See if you can get your
mail in OE, and then improt from OE to Outlook.

Best Regards,

Ryan M. Keith, BSCSE, MCSE
Microsoft Enterprise Messaging Support
Client Server Infrastructure


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