Conversion problem from 2000 to 97



I need to convert this application from Access 2000 to Access97. It was
originally developed in Access97. First I am warned that I am missing an
object library for Access97 (that can be found on the computer runnin
Access97), but then the conversion is stopped because of an "Invalid field
data type". I have checked my data types in tables, but don't find anything
unusual. Can you tell me what I am looking for, and where to look for it?





Allen Browne

At what point does the conversion fail?

Are you able to create a new (blank) Access 97 database (using Access 97).
Then use Access 2000 to export the objects to the new database?

You may find thaat you can export the tables, relationships, and queries,
but it fails when exporting a particular form. There is a bug in the
conversion code, so that it wrongly creates a label instead of a text box,
and then the conversion process fails when it tries to assign the
ControlSource, since labels don't have a ControlSource property.

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