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I am the programmer for a company. We use several databases to carry out the
duties of the company. We are still using Access97, while I am in the
process of upgrading all the databases we use to Access 2003 Jet dbs. For
the while, until that transition is complete, my boss wants me to export my
final tables to an access 97 database, so that he can, at his Access97 end,
continue to import the data from his various data entry employees, myself
included, into the final database that does the last minute touchups. I get
the job done for the most part, except that the call to the
ConvertAccessProject method often fails (with error 31513 [you must close
all objects first]) on the first attempt and succeeds on the second or so.
Also, whenever it does succeed, the first attempt to open the
Access97-export greets me with an innocuous message which when OKed it is
fine ever since (a message warning that Access will convert objects to 97
format, as if it shouldnt be expected that I may want that).

The Questions:

Is there any way to suppress that warning?
Is there any work-around to the failure of the ConvertAccessProject bug?



Douglas J Steele

Hopefully your applications are split into a front-end (containing the
queries, forms, reports, macros and modules), linked to a back-end
(containing the tables and relationships). If not, they should be...

Only convert the front-ends for now: leave the back-end(s) in Access 97
format. Access 2003 (and 2000 and 2002, for that matter) has no problem
working with an Access 97 back-end. In that way, you avoid having constantly
to convert the tables (and you won't have duplicate sets of data, with the
potential for them to get out of synch) Once you no longer need to worry
about Access 97, you can then convert the data to the newer format.

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