Continue Typing in Cell when Clicking Away



There is an option in excel that seems to randomly work and not work. What I
have to do is type large numbers into excel cells and I can't possibly
remember the entire number so I will click on the cell to type a few of them
then click back on the internet to get more of the number and then clicking
back on excel to continue typing it.
Sometimes I can continue typing but other times when I click on the web
browser the excel cell closes so when I click to continue typing it overrides
what is in there to begin with. So how can I keep it open so I can just click
back and forth?


Kevin B

Try selecting the number on the web page, press <Ctrl> + C to copy the
selection and then paste it into the cell with Ctrl + V


Is it possible for you to copy the number from the Internet and paste it in
the cell you need?

Gary''s Student

1. on the website, hi-light the big number and then CNTRL-c
2. click on the cell you want to fill
3. click in the formula bar and then CNTRL-v


We have formatting issues so it saves me time to do it by typing. It's weird
that this only works sometimes.


It's hard to explain but copy and paste causes more problems than the other,
there has to be a way to make work because I've done it before in fact it
worked yesterday and it's not today.


Just a little tip. If you copy something into Notepad, then select and copy
it again, it only copies the text and not the formatting.

Gary''s Student

Pasting in the cell can get funny formats.
Pasting in the formula bar will avoid any changes to the format

Gord Dibben


So far none of the replies about copy/paste has addressed your question of
why the cell won't stay in Edit Mode when you switch to back to the Web

I cannot replicate the behaviour so this post won't be much help<g>

I can type 12345 in a cell then switch to a web site or this post, go back
to Excel and continue typing in the cell.

Are you inadvertantly clicking on another cell during the process?

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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