Disable Pop up "Continue typing in Office 2003 menu key sequence..


Can Elber

Hello all,
I can say that I am a pro at the previous XL version-2003. And I am nearly
using keyboard shortcuts for all of the commands. But in this new version,
for instance when I try to use "Alt+E+S" key sequence for "Paste Special",it
is really slowing me down because I have to type slowly first letter of the
sequence(Alt+E) and wait for this "nonsense" pop up then continue typing for
the rest of the sequence(Alt+E+S) everytime. Otherwise the command is not
detected by XL 2007. In 2003 version, I can give this command very fast with
the keyboard shortcuts.

Is there a way to disable this pop up "Office 2003 Access Key: Continue
typing in Office 2003 menu key sequence..."?
For a professional XL user ,I can say that this version can drive me crazy,
and really slowing me down.

Thank you so much for all replies.
Jun 7, 2006
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Did anyone ever figure this out - I have the exact same capability with 2003 Office and the exact same issue with Office 2007 onwards.
Mar 23, 2014
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I would like to simply disable this (I don't know the old Office 2003 shortcuts anyway, but the ALT key is used for many of my self-defined keyboard shortcuts and I often find myself on the 2003 menu access by error, which is annoying and slows me down) Anyone know how to this could be disabled?

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