contacts list issue



Help! when I am using windows mail and try to click on the "contacts" icon
in the toolbar, it brings up a screen that does list my contacts, but lists
them on what looks like an "iTunes" sort of format...with genre, album etc
listed. When I click on the help button, it sends me to the windows---music
help area instead of the windows---contacts area. The only way I can add a
new contact, or see any of the details on my existing contacts, is to
actaully create a new message and then hit the new contacts" button at the
bottom of THAT screen! This is a new development---haven't run into this
problem until just lately. I am afraid that one of my kids inadvertantly
saved our contacts as something music-related, and I have no idea how to
restore it to the original format! Very bizarre, and also annoying. Any help
would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks.

Gary VanderMolen

If the toolbar in Contacts doesn't have its normal icons,
then the folder type for Contacts is incorrect. To fix it:
Open Windows Contacts. Right-click somewhere in that
empty white space to the far right. Select Customize This Folder,
click the little triangle, and from the dropdown list select Contacts,
then click OK.

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