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I have a client who is unable to dial his phone. Under XP we set up his
contacts so that he could open a contact, have the computer dial the number
and then he could switch the phone to loudspeaker to take the call.
He has a new pc with Vista Home Premium, dial up modem installed and
contacts imported from outlook on old pc. We cannot seem to find a dialler
within windows contacts or vista to perform this same function. Has anyone
else come across it?

Thanks for your help





I don't believe that exists anymore, check the newsgroup to be sure but I'm running
Ultimate and don't see anything on it anymore.


Have been corrected,

Open Contacts then right click on the Contact and select Action then Dial
This Contact.

That's in an easy to find spot.


I am having the same problem. But when I choose the call function, nothing
happens. I tried to set up the phone dialer and it still won't work. Any
Thanks for any suggestions!


I had the same problem.I finally figured it out.In the Phone Dialer
program,go to "Tools"-"Connect Using",then check "Use Phone Dialer to handle
voice call requests from other programs".That should solve the problem.




I'm cross pollinating like crazy here trying to get an answer - if one exists
- to why the dialer in Vista will not dial a long distance number (1 555
555-5555). It does 7 digit (local) calls fine, but when the dialing box is
opened from action/call this contact when an eleven digit number is required
(1 555 555-5555) the last two digits of the area code are omitted, resulting
in a 'call cannot be completed as dialed' error in the dialing box.

I've tried establishing area code rules for each individual area code,
inserting a dial '1' to access a line for long distance calls in general
rules, changing the dialing mode from tone to pulse and back again, all with
zero effect.

PLEASE anyone who's found a way to make this thing work let me know how you
did it!

Thanks in advance




Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Yes, store your numbers in Canonical (International) format. Instead of "1
555 555-5555", store the number as "+1 (555) 555-5555". The first number
will confuse dialing rules and result in the number "1 5 555-5555" being
dialed, a number which obviously won't work. Try it yourself, change the
number format to "+1 (555) 555-5555" and see what happens.
You Must Enter Telephone Numbers in Canonical Form in Order to Use Dialing
Dialing rules may not be applied to tools such as Fax and Phone Dialer on
Windows XP-based and Windows Vista-based computers

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