Contacts - Birthdays and Anniversary


Jay \(Work\)

We have users who entered Birthdays and Anniversaries in Outlook contacts.
As always, it gets entered in the calendar. But recently we're seeing the
calendar items missing when it was there before. We're trying to narrow
down to if it's happening during synching with portable devices (pocket pc,
palm, etc.) or during outlook client version upgrades (2000 -> XP -> 2003).
This seems to been happening for a while and we have confirmed that the
calendar items were there before.

So my questions are:

1. Anyone seen this and know the cause?
2. VBA code to loop through the contacts birthday and anniversary field and
check for associated calendar items?


Jesper Frier

For your information ... I use Outlook the same way as you do.
I sync with Pocket PC and have just resently upgraded from Outlook XP to

I know it does not solve your problem, but I have no problems.


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