Contacts are missing when I click the To, Cc, or Bcc buttons


Mike T

I am using Outlook 2007 and can't see my contacts when I try to compose mail,
although they are present in a folder under Personal Folders. There is a
help item with this exact topic, but when I follow the suggested steps I
can't fix the issue.

The help topic first suggests checking the box "Show this folder as an
e-mail Address Book" but this is greyed out. It then says that if it is
greyed out to go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Address Book and if under
"Name" "Outlook Address Book" appears (which i does on my system) to go to
Tools -> Address Book -> Tools -> Options and then "Under Show this address
list first, click Contacts"

This is my problem. I do all that, but the menu that pops open when I get
to the options is blank. I can't click on Contacts because it isn't listed,
nor is anything else.

I then went back to Tools -> Account Settings -> Address Book figuring that
my address book is somehow corrupted, but on the 3 options "New" "Change" and
"Remove" remove is greyed out. If I click on "Change" the window that pops
up has a line that seems circled by a dashed rectangle but it is blank
inside. And if I try "New" it won't let me add a new Outlook Address book
because "This account or directory type already exists".

Any suggestions for what to do next?

Russ Valentine

Did you realize that you created a new post in an existing thread as if it
were a reply?
The situation you describe has been addressed here countless times. We don't
know how you did it, but you managed to corrupt your Outlook profile. Most
likely you migrated your Outlook data to this profile incorrectly.
Create a new Outlook profile form scratch. Migrate your data to it
correctly. We can't tell you which mistake to avoid because we can't tell
which one you made in the first place.

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