Contact Folders Gone


Mark in WI

I moved my .pst file from an XP SP3 machine with Office 2007 to a new Windows
7 machine with Office 2007. The address book 'Contacts' shows up but there
are no file folders for the other address books. (This .pst is set as the
default with one other IMAP file present.) If I go to 'Tools/Address Book .
.. .' I can see the other address books in the drop down and there are
contacts in them when they are selected in the drop down.

How do I set Outlook to display the address book folders?

Thank you in advance for any help!


Russ Valentine

Contact Folders will only appear in the address book view when you enable
them as email address books in their properties.

Neil R

I have a similar situation to Mark under Win 7, but when I click on "Show
this folder as an email address book" nothing happens. i.e. I am not allowed
to change it.

My BCM would not instal properly and there seems to be some remnant files
I only mention this as a possible source of problems. I do not wish to use
BCM at present.
I had to reinstal Office for Win 7, but I assume the remnants relate to when
I had Office Pro 2007 running under XP Pro.

Neil R

Russ Valentine

Your situation is not similar. A botched installation of BCM changes
everything. This is not a BCM group. Suggest you post in the BCM group.

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