Connection to the RRas VPN server.

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Eduardo G. Ferreira

When i tried to configure a VPN connection from home to a RRAS server, the
connection wizard asks for a "Host name or IP address of destination". But
the RRAS server is behind a Linux firewall and this firewall doesn´t have a
fix IP neither a public domain name. I´m a little lost. How can a make this
connection ?
By the way, the firewall should port forward the correct ports to the RRAS
server;Am i right ?
Thanks in advance.



Bill Grant

To initiate the VPN connection, you must be able to reach the target
machine through the Internet. If the target machine is using private
addresses behind a firewall, you must connect to the firewall's public
interface and use port forwarding to get the traffic to the server.

If the firewall does not have a fixed IP, the only option is to have it
register its IP with a provider who will update its IP in a dynamic DNS, so
that you can reach it by name.

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