connecting wireless



I have a major problem. I just got a new high-speed internet,dsl, wireless
with a modem and ethernet cable. i can get online no problem with LAN but
when i try to go wireless (my isp says i just have to take the ethernet cable
out) it just takes me offline. i have tried everything from online chat with
isp and they said it may be an adapter, to trying to repair and troubleshoot
to no avail. i need some serious help with this one.if im able to go
wireless, why cant i. and what can i do to fix it?

Bill Sanderson

Do you know whether your computer has wireless capability?

If it does, check the manual or help and see whether there is a switch to
turn off the wireless. This can either be a physical switch on the machine,
or a secondary function key. On some Dell machines it is Blue Function F5,
I believe.

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