Connecting VS2008 to an Windows CE 5.0 Emulator



Hello everyone,

Im new to the forums and found alot of the information here very helpful,
thanks! I do have a question though. Im writing an application in VS2008 (VB)
for a Windows CE 5.0 device. Now I've downloaded the 5.0 Emulator was
basically pulling the .exe out of the builds "bin" folder to execute it in
the emulator which I get no where with. I've also been searching high and low
for the Windows CE Platform builder to I guess basically make an image and
that way I can do my debugging. I see a Platform builder for CE 6.0 and even
see the monthly updates for the CE 5.0 but not the initial download of the
5.0. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or am I going about this all

I had also found a site where you could use the Windows CE 5.0 Emulator to
basically deploy to and debug that way (with the IP assignment, network way).
Since Im at my company and we're behind firewalls and who knows what else,
that way has not been able to work for me. I can compile the project and grab
the .exe from the bin and actually move it over to the device Im designing it
for and execute it, BUT later on down the line when more code is applied I
will definitely need to be able to debug. Right now I even though VS2008
builds the .exe file it gives an ActiveSync error during the build.

Thanks for any assistance anyone with debugging this app via a Windows CE
5.0 Platform builder or another Emulator. Thanks in advance!!

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