CE Platform Builder 5.0 vs. CE Platform Builder 6.0



Hi all,

Im writing an application for a Windows 5.0 CE Device and and I can not for
the life of me find the Platform Builder for 5.0. I can find the 5.0 monthly
updates but not the actual 5.0 Platform Builder. I can find the 6.0 Platform
Builder with no problems. Would there be any problems with me using the 6.0
Plaform Builder but building it for a 5.0 CE Device?? Thanks!

Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

You can't download the real version of either PB5 or PB6. Only evaluation
versions have ever been available for download.

You're trying to build an *operating system* for some device? Or an
application for the device? If you're trying to build an application,
***you don't need Platform Builder at all***. If you're trying to build the
operating system itself, it should be obvious that you can't build CE5 using
PB6, no.

Paul T.

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