Connecting to terminal services for customers behind corporate fir



We wish to make a windows application available by use of terminal services
to customers. These customers will be from different companies, many of them
behind firewalls etc.

We want these clients to be able to connect to Terminal Services with
minimum logins, and setup (i.e no need to get their IT staff involved).

Currently we are trialling some setups. We have a windows 2003 server behind
our firewall, and ports 80, and 3389 are being forwarded to it. From a home
broadband connection, the RDP client works fine. But it appears that most
companies will not have port 3389 open to allow outbound RDP connections.

I then tried using the web RDP client. I setup the Web client on the windows
2003 server, and tried to get some people to connect to the website, install
the ActiveX RDP client, and still it would not connect. It appears the
ActiveX RDP client uses port 80 to simply connect to the website, but uses
3389 to talk on.

I tried changing port 3389 to all kinds of common open port numbers, eg. 21,

However, many friends still could not connect on these port numbers, perhaps
the firewalls they are behind are filtering traffic through those ports, to
ensure it is FTP or HTTP traffic only.

So my question is, is there a general port available which will accomodate
Terminal Services connectivity? What is the easiest approach to deploying
such an application to our customers?

many thanks


The most common way to do this is via Citrix Secure Gateway, which enables
all remote access from the Internet to be over SSL (Port 443).

This works great, but the downside is that it is NOT cheap. The cost of
Citrix Presentation Server (the product you need to use CSG) is about
$200-300 per concurrent user.

The upside of this is that Citrix Presentation Server has an ICA Client that
offers a much more robust feature set than RDP, and works on virtually any
kind of device, i.e. Windows, DOS, Linux, UNIX, Any Java Enabled Device...

With the combination of Citrix Presentation Server, CSG & Citrix Web
Interface (all inclusive of the Presentation Server purchase) users can logon
via a simple SSL Website to access your applications, and they won't need
access to any non-standard ports to access your apps.

Ericom WebConnect

Tarantella SGD:

Hoblink JWT & Hoblink Secure:

Jetro CockpIT

How do you plan to license these sessions, i.e. per-user, per-device or
Internet Connector License?

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