connecting contacts with WAB



hey there.
i just moved over from Outlook 2000 to 2002, and i
exported and imported all my data, using
backup tool. when opending 2002, i cannot access my
address book, and only the contacts folder.

in 2000, i had the option of using contacts and the WAB
as one and the same thing - each would be the same. also -
i could type in "Sam" and after a while, it would
understand that i mean "samantha" who is listed in the

can someone help me with these 2 issues?
many thanks!

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

The ability for the WAB to share your Outlook Contacts was removed in
Outlook 2002. It was only a feature in IMO mode of Outlook 2000.
You need to reset the connection between your Contacts Folder and the
Outlook Address Book. It was broken during your import.
Go to Tools | E-mail accounts, select "View or change existing directories
or address books", and click OK. If you don't see the OAB in the Directories
and Address Books list, click the Back button, then select "Add a new
directory or address book", then "Additional Address Books", and add the
OAB. Then keep clicking Back until you get back to the first dialog box,
and go back to the Directories and Address Books list as you did earlier.
Once the OAB appears in the list, select it and then click Change to make
sure the Contacts folder(s) you want to display are listed. If any of them
aren't listed, you'll need to enable those Contacts folders as Outlook
Address Books by right clicking the folder, selecting Properties, clicking
the Outlook Address Book tab, and checking the "Show this folder as an
E-mail address book" box. Make sure you restart Outlook after making these


Hi Russ.

just to let you know i tried what you said, and although
there already was a OAB listed, i removed it and re-
inderted it, and it all works great.
Thanks V Much!

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