Configuring Web Access to Office 2007 Outlook



Hi all,
I've Exchange e-mail account with a hosting company which is accessed by
Outlook Web Access for a small business i own. I've also just started using
Office 2007(trial) and set up Outlook.
How do i get my business e-mails from Exchange Web Access to appear in
Outlook Office 2007?

Tried a few times now and just about to give up!
Tried my hosting companies method(fasthosts) without success and everytime i
try it another way...does not seem to work at all?

Many thanks,


You should contact your application provider (fasthosts) and ask for
instructions on how to setup. Also keep in mind that their web portal
mentions that you might be eligible for a free copy of Outlook 2007
depending on the type of account you have with them. In my book, free beats
trial versions every time.

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