Office 2007 Small Business trial version - Outlook did not install


Debbie Z

I am using trial version of Office 2007 Small Business, but Outlook 2007 did
not install. When I try to re-install it from the download file, it says
Outlook is not available. Is this program not part of the trial? It's the
only reason I downloaded it, because my Outlook 2002 keeps crashing, so I
wanted to check it out before buying the full upgrade.

There is a second download file also, but when I try to load that, I get an
error message: Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 must be installed before you
can install Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager.
Install Outlook from CD1, and then start this installation again.

Roady [MVP]

You'll need to uninstall Outlook 2002 before you can install Outlook 2007.

That said, if Outlook 2002 is crashing on you now, depending on what's
causing it, Outlook 2007 will probably crash on you as well. Unless you are
certain it is an installation issue, you might want to troubleshoot Outlook
2002 before you upgrade to Outlook 2007.

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