Configuring Fax


Nicolas Poirier

I use a fax program on my computer. This is a company computer connected to
one telephone line and there are many telephones connected to this line. The
program used is Windows XP Fax Console. It is configured to start manually.

Problem is that I'm not allways seat in front of my computer to press the
button. Is there a way to configure the program to start receiving
automatically? By example, if I answer the phone somewhere far far away in
the building, I hear a fax tone then I press a button witch tells computer
to recieve right away.

I've tried automatic reception after 4 rings but then fax competes with
answering machine and it doesn't differentiate voice from fax signal.

Thank you
Nicolas Poirier




How much do you want for nothing?

If you have the PC sharing the same physical phone line as other telephone
hand sets and a telphone answering machine, why should the PC [fax software]
be more intelligent than any other phone line user?

You may have a phone line supplied by the phone company that has
'faxstream'; if so that would have a unique ring tone; then you could set up
fax on the PC to respond to this unique ring tone.

If not, try setting the answering machine to pick up the call after 4 rings
and the PC to answer a call after 6 rings: that way you'll never miss a phone
call, but will miss faxes. I suggest this would work when no-one is in the
office or after hours, but you'll loose faxes.

If you want the PC to act as telephone answering machine + fax, then search
for this phone / fax software. The Ring Central Sofwtare once came free with
most IBM laptop PCs!

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