configuring a Linksys to work behind a Netgear



I have a NetGear CG814WG modem/router connected to my ISP, Road Runner.
It's standard DHCP.

The NetGear, the "edge" router is the home network wireless "hub".

I need to put a Linksys WRT54GL behind my NetGear (1st) router and my
PC_&_Vonage ATA 'landline' box behind the Linksys
(leaving the other home networking computers still using the NetGear

ISP (DHCP) --> NetGear router -->= other computers/Linksys router ||
Linksys router -->= ATA box/my computer.

1. I'm trying to get the Linksys, the 2nd router in the series (the one
my computer and ATA box are connecting to) "broadcasting" a different
IP Address than what the initial router, the NetGear is broadcasting.
(umm, terminology?)
This is because I am having problems calling from a Vonage ATA
"landline" box back to my Vonage softphone on my PC, when both are
connected to/across the NetGear router.

2.I also need to configure the Linksys to log both my computer's
activity and my Vonage ATA's activity to see what ports are being
accessed/used, and maybe diagnose why the PC_Vonage_to_ATA_Vonage won't
communicate across/through the Netgear router.

Does anyone maybe have a quick "Do this_then do that" prescription ..
Or a group or forum thread ..? I'm not very networking savvy, and am
hopjng for a simple setup guide and/or a heads-up on any issues I might
encounter.. ?

Thank anyone for any help!



Yves Leclerc

You could try setting the DMZ port (IP) address to the Vonage ATA IP address,
only on the Linksys router. DMZ allows all network traffic to pass thru
"un-filtered" and "un-checked" to the 1st level of router (Netgear.)

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