Computer reboots on shortcut key



Hi, I've had a "hot-key" assigned to a spreadsheet shortcut for a couple of
years. Only recently it has begun shutting down the computer (force a
re-boot) when I use this short-cut.

The hotkey is CTRL-ALT-X and it's assigned to an Open-Office "calc" document
(XLS spreadsheet).

It usually happens when I have a number of windows open. The re-boot does
not pause and ask me to close programs or save information, it's rather
instantaneous. Normally, XP (pro)'s shutdown is takes quite a while (seems
longer and longer after every windows update, as do my boot-ups).

If anyone can offer any insight to this, it would be greatly appreciated...





1. bring up system panel and change startup and recovery
windows key + Pause key, click advanced tab
towards the bottom you will find something "startup and recovery", click
the setting button for it
when the new windows pop up, look about middle of that pop up windows
check "write an event to the system log",
"send administrator alert",
select mini memory dump
now you should have notification of sort when the reboot occurs
when the shutdown occurs with the shortcut key, note the time. and any error

after reboot, go into eventviewer to search for event entry around the time
of error.

Likely cause: insufficient resource ( video memory, virtual memory, physical
memory, insufficient disk space ...), paging file corruption, hardware.

Good luck

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