Computer is almost useless due to uninstall of service pack.



This I really regret that I did: After updating my Windows 2000 Pro computer
with the updates such as service pack 1 and update roll up that it
recommended using Automatic Updates I noticed that the space of my hard drive
went down the drain and decided to uninstall the two which I assume were
taking up the space.

I recall that while I was uninstalling them, a dialog box appeared with a
warning that some other programs may not function if they are uninstalled
and looked them up on the list and thought in my head: "these are not
important to me anyway so continue"

but the service pack after uninstalling it required the computer to be
restarted which I did but boy was I blown away when I realized that I just
paralyzed the computer. a dialog box pups up as soon as Windows is about to
startup with the title: Services.exe-entry point not found and the message
window stated: the procedure entry point IsWellKnownSid could not be located
in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.DLL. because of this Windows starts up
slowly, network connections are not available, Explorer crashes when I do
mouse commands, programs won't lunch and printers are not available.

I know I made a mistake but the question is wasn't the two updates supposed
to revert the computer back to its original state after uninstalling them?

This problem has made my computer almost useless to say that I need serious
help here and if anyone here has any info and sources on how I can fix this
I'll appreciate it.






DL said:
'went down the drain' - by what amount?

Maybe a repair installation?

Though I agree that a reapir install may fix the system...
I would not have gone with the older service pack...
I'd have gone right to sp4...then installed all the updates.

Unless one was using a 2-4 gig drive...the updates etc would not take up
sufficient space to worry about.

Right off hand I don't recall the exact amount...but an undated win2k takes
maybe 1.5 gigs or so (including page file)

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