Computer Freezing



Hey i'm on an acer Aspire 5610-2273

-Intel Pentuim dual-core processor T2060
-15.4 WXGA Acer Crystalbrite LCD
-Intel graphics media accelerator 950
-DVD- Super Multi double layer
-802.11b/g wireless lan

For some reason my comp keeps freezing and i cant do anything. My arrow
wont move or it dissapears. I hit the windows vista button, nothing. I do
CTLR+Alt+Del, nothing. I tried everything but it all ends up to holding the
power button and making it turn off. Please help me.




Did you do an upgrade install of Vista? If so, try a clean install and see
if that helps.

Could also be that your power supply is going out.


Couldnt be power supply, cause im on a laptop. I did upgrade vista though.
What do you mean clean install? I'm on vista home premium.

Michael Solomon

crwys said:
Couldnt be power supply, cause im on a laptop. I did upgrade vista
though. What do you mean clean install? I'm on vista home premium.

A clean install is when you install to a completely blank hard drive as
opposed to doing an upgrade over your previous setup.

That, of course, would mean you'd have to trash your current setup to
accomplish now and start over. Before doing anything that drastic, have you
check your device manufacturer's for the lastest drivers for your devices?

Have you had this problem with Vista since you first installed or is this
something that just started happening? If it just started happening, can
you think of anything you might have installed, hardware, software that
might have triggered this and speaking of updates, did you make sure to
check the software websites to make sure all your current applications are
not only compatible with Vista but also to check if they have updates or

You can also check the Event Viewer under Administrative tools. Go through
the various tabs looking for red warnings, it's likely you find multiple
instances of the same error, the information in the error might help
diagnose the source of the issue.


ALL computers have power supplies, whether they are desktops or laptops.

A clean install goes this way:

Boot up with your OS disk.
Remove all hard drive partitions when asked whether or not you want to.
The hard drive will then have all partitions removed and the drive will be
Finally, the OS will be installed, with nothing tagging along from your
previous installation

Please note that by doing this, all current data files and all current
software will be destroyed. Therefore, if any of it is important, save it to
a DVD or whatever.




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