My Vista experience




I want to share my experience and opinion about Windows Vista (beta 2), and
I am sorry if it a too long msg, I just hope it can be useful to anyone:

1- I use an Acer TravelMate 4602WLMI laptop, Intel Pentium M740 1.73 GHz, 2
MB L2 cache, 80 GB HDD, 1 GB DDR RAM, 15.4" WXGA wide TF LCD monitor, ATI
Mobility Radeon x600 PCI express graphics card (display driver) with 64MB
VRAM, DVD/CD Dual (Support DVD RW), and running Windows XP proffisional SP2.

2- I downloaded Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor beta, and it told me I "may
not" be able to use the Aero functionality because my ATI has 64 MB memory,
and some other drivers that "may not" exist for some devices I have. I got
ready finding these drivers from the devices vendors, and also it was
important to visit the ATI site, because they have new drivers designed for
Vista beta 2.

3- I downloaded the beta 2 ISO file from the Microsoft site using my
download manager, I didn't have any troubles doing that, and it took 8 hours
at 120 kb/s.

4- I made MD5 and CRC check on the file I downloaded, because many users
reported corrupted file after downloading:
- File Size = 3.12 GB (3,355,598,848 bytes)
- CRC Value = 0x67E089E0
- MD5 Value = 0E733AB1A8E8FF9A8684FD3639332773

5- I read all the documentation online and the other users comments about
Vista installation to be aware of the problems I would face (very important
to start with that before installing any application, and specially beta's).

6- I decided (of course) to make a clean Vista installation (not wise to
upgrade on a machine I use for primary work) on a second partition so it can
dual boot the XP and Vista. I used Partition magic to divide my HD, 40GB for
the XP and all my programs (FAT32) (drive C:\), 20GB for the Vista (NTFS)
(drive D:\), 20GB for the backup files (NTFS) (drive F:\), and my DVD
remained at drive E:\.

7- Previously, I installed Microsoft Office 2007 Beta, and Internet Explorer
7 Beta 2, and they were working very wonderful on my XP (I had some problems
with them, but using Microsoft help made me solve that), and I read somewhere
a comment that I should uninstall Office 2007 before attempting to install
Windows Vista..... I think that comment was for upgrading a previous version
of windows to Vista, but I uninstalled anyway, and I discovered no relation
after that. (This is the first time in my 15 years computer using life to use
dual booting operating systems, so that was also a new experience to me).

8- I did the first easiest thing to start installing from the ISO file, I
mounted it to a Daemon tools driver under my Windows XP, and the installation
window poped up, I pointed to drive D:\ , it started to install, and it gave
me an error "at least one device driver that maybe required to boot this
system is not available......" it asked me to load the necessary boot
critical device..... the device name is D347prt SCSI controller. A search for
what this device is showed me it is the Daemon tools driver. And I couldn't
find an answer to how to bypass this, So I cancelled installing Vista this

9- While Daemon tools still running, I copied all the files and folders
extracted from the ISO to the C:\ driver (I created a folder for that), then
I uninstalled Daemon tools, rebooted, and made sure this SCSI controller is
not on my device manager anymore. Under my XP again, I started the
installation from the setup.exe file.... started, drive D:\ decision, and it
finished copying and extracting the files to my computer.... then at boot
time, another error "Vista installation encountered an error and needs to
close" without specifying what that error is, and only an ok button that
ended the installation.

10- I burned the ISO image to a DVD, and started the Vista installation
under XP, and the same happened like in step 8.

11- I decided to boot from the DVD, and I made the DVD drive is the first
boot drive from the setup menu (right after starting the laptop), this time
the installation went without any single problem, installed to drive D:\ as I
wanted, became a dual boot operating system laptop, and I could REALLY see
the Vista on my computer :) ......... I started this step at 4:20 pm , and I
finished installing and starting the Vista at 5:34 pm (74 minutes) ... which
is not bad at all, but I think it can be faster (I don't understand what is
the reason of copying files the extracting file!! Maybe there is a reason for

12- The Vista starting was easy, but it took too much time (between black
screens and restarting the computer many times).

13- Vista is a cinematic operating system, very wonderful, colorful, and
very pleasant in media playing.

14- Despite what Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor told me about Aero, I could
use it with ATI Mobility Radeon x600 with 64 MB VRAM, and the first thing I
did was installing the new ATI drivers, and it REALLY made the Aero an AERO
:).... so the first lesson I learned is to find drivers for all the devices
that are designed for Vista, it's very different that those for XP (or I

15- Most companies are still sleeping I guess, either no drivers update
(they stopped at XP SP2), or their programs will not run on Windows Vista
(All anti viruses, antispyware, and Yahoo messenger..... at least what is a
freeware of them, and what I trust more). So most errors in Vista are related
to device drivers being old and needs updating. What devices I found updated
online really meant better performance in Vista.

16- Internet Explorer 7 that is bundled in Vista is very strange!! I have it
installed on the XP system without problems, but in Vista each time I answer
a cookie (with yes or no) it gives me an error msg "Internet Explorer stopped
working....... Windows will close the program and notify you for solution if
available..... close program button...." then nothing is closed!! but the
behavior of the IE becomes strange after that specially if I want to download
a file, it will not download. In problem report and solutions, I found
something related to ntdll.dll ! And I am not sure what is the problem or how
to find what is causing it.

17- I choose to autohide the taskbar, and I have to press the windows button
to get it while any window is opened, not just to move the mouse pointer
down. I don't know how to get around this.

18- The tool tips are wonderful, very clear.

19- The local network connection is a breath, I found myself online without
any effort, and also windows detected all the network components (still I
have some old drivers issue but they work).

20- Windows Explorer in my opinion is a crowded mess. Comparing to any
previous version of windows, it is very hard to get around in this one, I had
to stay 2 hours to see where I am in what and how! and that small arrows to
the left of the folders are hard to be detected, I have to aim the mouse
pointer very good to be able to open a folder to see it's sub folders, or it
will open in the right pane... which is something hard for me to learn again,
or maybe I am old :). And these " my contacts, my photos, my videos....etc"
takes a lot of space as if they are that important to life, for an old user
like me, they don't mean a lot, I need the drive letters, the folders in
these drives, then the files.... easy old me!

21- When I boot Vista, the Vista drive is read "C:\" and the XP drive is
"D:\" .... When I boot the XP, the XP drive is "C:\" and the Vista drive is
"D:\".... but since this is the first time for me to use 2 operating systems
on one computer, I don't know if it's right or something is wrong.

22- As I said previously, there is an antivirus crises in Vista beta 2, I
hope it will be solved, I read here,
but it is for Vista beta 1, and I don't trust to force an installation that
could harm the operating system, so I am waiting for any news. I think the
same goes for the anti spyware programs.

23- Windows media player 11 is WONDERFUL, and as the Vista has improved
media (visual and audio), it makes it x10 times better than what you can see
in XP.

24- I am surprised that my rating is 3.... First I don't know 3 out of what,
but I thought I had a nice configuration laptop, at least to have 5 :) .... I
suggest to review again what resources Vista is needing, because like this
many people will be afraid to buy the new operating system. A remark from me
is that last year most companies were trying to quickly sell it's old stock
of computers at lower prices for them to make new computers for Vista, and I
guess a huge amount of people bought computers last year, so it is not likely
to buy another computer again this year. My own opinion.

25- The side bar is a meaningless disaster, and the clock there are strange,
always showing the wrong time :) .... besides adding weight to the system
resources, the side bar has some issues making the windows slow in shutdown.
the same about shutdown goes to Windows Defender.

26- Why winsat.exe reports critical error in the event viewer when I start
Windows? Although it works fine.

These are my remarks until now and I still didn't test Office 2007 beta and
other programs, which I will do soon and continue telling you the experiance
(if I am not boring). Final conclusions:

1- Vista is very great, but not a big difference than XP, it is just a
cinematic XP. So it is not a big jump in a future operating systems or

2- The effects can be rated 10 out of 10, the ease of use 7 out of 10, the
overall rate for the operating system is 8 out of 10.

3- I would definitely buy Windows Vista when it is out and tested, although
until now I am still in love with XP.

4- All the betas I tested from Microsoft last month (IE7, Office 2007, and
Vista) are wonderful. I say, keep working on the issues and don't listen to
someone who will tell you other products in the market are better.... I try
or tried everything out there (operating systems, office suites, and internet
browsers) and they don't reach half the distance to Microsoft products. I
hope you still can keep being the best.



Colin Barnhorst

It is far too long for a newsgroup post. Don't you have a blog someplace
for this?


Mahalo! Moataz! ...For Taking The Time To Post Your "Vista eXPerience"! ;-)

I Found Your Post Informative, EnCouraging! & EXACTLY The Kinda of Feedback
That, I & Microsoft Are [email protected]@Kin'4! ;-)

Please DisRegard The Rude Posts of These 2 A$$Holes: Colin Barnhorst & Andre
Da Costa [Extended64]






I found it very informative. Did any or you actually read it, or did you get
scared off by the length? (no fair actually reading it before you reply)

Colin Barnhorst

I did not read it. I might have if it was a brief summary with a link to
the article. Extremely long posts and binaries significantly increase the
time to download for folks still using modems (many). Newsgroup ettiquette
has provisions for posting such things. Anyway, the newsgroups are good
places to post questions and answers, but dissertations are not often
appreciated. Particularly annoying is blogging in a newsgroup.


Colin said:
Extremely long posts and binaries significantly
increase the time to download for folks still using modems (many).
Newsgroup ettiquette has provisions for posting such things.

I *might* believe you cared about newsgroup ettiquette if you had actually
took the time to snip out the lengthy post that you found so offensive.
Instead you simply reposted it with each of your extremely rude and snide
replies, making fun of someone else like some backalley bruiser who feels
that his opinion is king and joyfully elbows his friends as he decides to
act like the King of the World and put someone else in their place.

FWIW, I read the netiquette RFC and I don't see anything there about maximum
length of a message that is actually text and not binary. Care to increase
my knowledge of newsgroups, sir?




I'm new on the newsgroup, and I can't believe that people laughs when
someone actually writes something informative and interesting. That's the
purpose of the newsgroups.

And nobody can compare the weight of a text and a binary attachment today.

Thanks for sharing your point of view Moataz!



Colin, no I don't have a blog, and if I have one, what use it will be if I
posted there?? Here is the place all the people are complaining in (I have
this error, I can't get that to work, ..etc) with a few who gives a real

When I posted my thoughts, I was doing it as a duty... I downloaded the
Vista Beta from Microsoft website in order to help improve the product, not
in order to have a fun time, or they would not care to make a public beta.
And while it's too long, I didn't think about any rules, because at the same
time I didn't post a book length.

Anyway, I hope it is useful for someone.

Colin Barnhorst

We are all volunteers here trying to help those with questions. Our time is
tight and questions should be to the point and include relevant details
about the hardware and software involved. A blog helps for other matters
because all that is needed is a brief comment and a link to the blog. Then
those who are interested can navigate to the blog. Many who answer posts
here answer posts on dozens of other ng's as well. The message store gets
huge as it is.

Here are some points to remember (called netiquette) followed by most
experienced newsgroup and email users. (Attached)


Yeah well done Moataz, stuff them, their probably not really interested anyway.

By the way could you tell us where you got the correct size ISO's from,
pwwwwweeeese :)



Yeah well done Moataz, excellent report, stuff those who complain at you,
theor probably not really interested anyway.

By the way, could you please tell us where you got the correct size ISO's
from, pweeeease ?






I agree: Very informative. Nice that someone takes the time to share his

I'm sure the guys who find it too long are only used to newsgroup entries
with pics ;-)


I used the file properties in windows explorer for the file size in bytes,
the nero MD5 from their site, and a CRC checker I found online.




Colin Barnhorst said:
Here are some points to remember (called netiquette) followed by most
experienced newsgroup and email users. (Attached)


So, you *don't* follow netiquette then?

Quoted from your own attachment:

Trim from the reply material you are not responding to. There should be
enough of the original to give a context to your reply, and no more. Any
less and the reader won't know what you are talking about. Any more, and you
will have more material than the reader will want to digest, making it less
attractive to read your email.

And, apparently you felt the entire 11k which you found so offensive was
necessary to understand your posts, while a simple <11k of text snipped for
netiquette sake> would have done just well.

Now, if you had pointed to rather than
attaching some unattributed rules, I might have had more respect for you,
but, alas, nope.

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