Can't get Vista recovery CD to recognize installation



I'm trying to get a Powerspec B647 Vista64 Business PC to boot. After
booting to the Vista Recovery CD and choosing to repair, the process
can't find any installed O/S.

So I press the Load Drivers button to load the B647 RAID controller
drivers, which I downloaded from Powerspec to my flash drive. After
pointing it to the "sataraid" folder, the system installs some
controllers and drivers but still doesn't find my Vista installation
afterwards. Even worse, the C drive letter is given to one of the
removable media drives.

After pressing the Next button I'm given a list of Vista recovery
tasks and I choose the Repair option. When done, it hands me the error
message "Boot manager is missing or corrupt."

How can I get the recovery process to fix the boot manager and
recognize my C drive? Any help appreciated.



Peter Foldes

What exactly did you think you installed from the flashdrive. There lies your issue
most probably


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