Computer freezing (I thought it was browser but maybe not?)


cirrus minor


I don't know what's causing my computer to completely freeze. I thought it
was Firefox because the computer would freeze when I was using that browser,
so I uninstalled the browser (I prefer IE8 anyway). Now when Chrome 1 came
out, I installed it and all was okay. No freezing or anything like that, but
now with Chrome 2, my computer is freezing like it did when I was using

Can anyone please let me know what might be causing this complete freeze up?

I'm running XP SP3 (fully updated), Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 1 Gig of Ram,
OneCare. I'm not noticing high CPU levels or the hard drive going crazy. Just
out of nowhere, no warning: The mouse freezes, no Ctrl+Alt+Del. (When I put
my hand on the opening when the fan is, I can feel hot air coming out
though.) The only way I can gain access to the computer is my doing a hard

Is there a reason why Firefox and Chrome freeze my computer? Or is it
something in Windows that's not playing nice with either of those browsers
when they enter a version 2? LOL Chrome 1 did not freeze my computer but
Chrome 2 does?


Rich Barry

Rt click MyComputer>select Manage > Event Viewer > Expand and check
the entries in the rt pane. click on the errors or warnings for more info.

cirrus minor

Hi Rich Barry, BeeCeeBee, and Dalo Harkin:

Thanks for the responces.


@Rich Barry - RE: Event Viewer errors or warnings.

There were a few errors and warning in the Event Viewer but most were for
crashing programs I knew about (IE8 and QuickTime). There was something about
Windows not being able to unload classes registry files (still in use by
services/apps) and will be unloaded when it's no longer in use.

Windows saving my username registry while app or service using it during log
off ... memory not been freed yet. Cause by service running as a user
account, try to configure service to run in LocalService or NetworkService


Fault bucket 535183732


@BeeCeeBee - RE: Fan speed and cleaning.

Yes. I have notice that a lot of heated air (more than usual) is coming out
of the fan when the machine freezes. I can't say that I have cleaned the fan
but I will open the chasis and clean it out.

The strange thing is that my computer only freezes when I'm using Firefox (I
haven't installed it since I last (recently) installed XP) or Chrome
(freezing only happened with the just released Chrome 2, Chrome 1 had no


@Dalo Harkin - RE: PC running fine otherwise; RAM-hogging apps; Games.

No games or RAM-hogging programs. The only time my machine freezes is when
I'm runing Chrome 2. Chrome 2 isn't sucking a lot of RAM when the machine

Rich Barry

Does your Bios have a PC Health Section where it gives the Temps of
the CPU?? Take a look at what your temps are.

cirrus minor

And in 3.1 beta 'cause the same thing happened when I tried it: It froze my

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