Compression ratio



is it possible to increase the compression ratio using XP's compression or
another program, to get the highest possible compression? i triend using
maximum compress in WinZip to compress an exe file, but it was the same size
as before. I need the highest possible compression that i can get.

- ben



Jupiter Jones [MVP]

I doubt it, if it is possible you need a 3rd party program.

The process of compressing will slow the computer as the data needs to be
uncompressed to be used.
How much slower depends among other things what files and how often they are
If space is an issue, a much fix is another hard drive.

James Hahn

This will happen if the file is small (the overhead offsets any compression)
or if the file is already compressed, and in some cases the compressed file
can actually end up larger than the original. You can get around the small
file problem by combining several files into one ZIP.

Compression ratio is determined to some extent by the file contents, so you
could experiment with different compression utilities to see what provides
the best results for your particular files. But it's unlikely that you'll
get much better than WinZip at maximum compression.



Richard Urban

Many files, especially those from programs that produce large files (music,
video, photos etc) are already compressed to the max just by saving them
from the program. You gain little/nothing by trying to recompress them.


Richard Urban

aka Crusty (-: Old [email protected] :)

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You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!

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