Comparing Target Designer files


Dean Perry

I'd like to compare two versions of a target designer ".slx" file - they're
both generated from the TAP.EXE output on the same hardware platform, and
then they diverged with extras added here and there.

Both target files have custom configuration properties I'm particularly keen
to not have to rediscover the hard way... comparing target *builds* is easy
enough, but for the registry and config file contents.

Right now it's crazy because the XML versions of these files are in the
order of *hundreds* of megabytes...
(that's right, the target description is almost as big as the target image
generated). This is for a pretty straightforward box with fairly minimalist
build of XPE (does dedicated video streaming, so networking, DirectShow,

Is there other (better) tools for generating or comparing target
descriptions? Poked around the documentation and other sites but haven't
found anything of use.



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