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I have a switchboard form where I have a combo box listing all the contacts
in my contacts table. I want to create a command button that when I choose a
contact in the dropdown combo box, I can then click the command button and it
will open a form with the record of the contact I chose in the Combo Box. Is
there an operaton on the command properties that would set this up
automaticall such as "open form" or would I need to write the code to open a
filtered form. I am using Access 2003.

I did this before on another form but for some reason I get an error message
whenI click the command button. I can't remember how I did it but I don't
know VB code so I thought maybe it was an operation on the command button.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards,



this is all given to you as part of the wizard that launches when you
initially add the command button....

if you missed it somehow...add a new command button and follow the wizard
again and can then delete the other old command button.....

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