Command button to open form in Access 2007



In Access 2003 I used to create a Lookup form and on this form I would put a
combo box control. I also would put on a Command button. I would use this
combo box on the form to find an employee number and then click on the
Command button and it would take me to the Employee form for that employee.

In Access 2007 when I try to build a Command button that will take the value
from the combo box and open a form with that data in it the wizard doesn't
seem to let me do this.

When I get to the step in the wizard "Which fields contain matching data the
button can use to lookup matching data" - the combo box name does not appear.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark A. Sam


I don't use that wizard, but I am guessing you should be looking for the
field name which is bound to the combobox. If the combobox is unbound, then
it won't show up.

God Bless,

Mark A. Sam

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