Combo boxes on query datasheet view



In the Northwind application some of the queries such as Alphabetical product
list has combo boxes appear for some of the fields in datasheet view, and
they also show up if you place the query in a mainform as a subform. How do I
create a datsheet like this.? Can this be done in Access 2000?

Conan Kelly


This sounds like the table the query is based on has a lookup for the fields that have these combo boxes in them.

In the Design view of the table, in the Data Type column for the field you want this combo box for, select "Lookup Wizard...".

I hope this helps,

Conan Kelly


Using the look up wizard did the trick. However, can the Look up wizard be
added to a table that is has already been created?

Conan Kelly

Yes, I believe it can.

As to whether or not your existing queries based on this table will automatically have those combo boxes in them, I'm not sure. You
might have to delete the queries and recreate them.

Now, any previously created forms based on existing queries based on existing tables that now have lookups in them WILL NOT have
those combo boxes. You will either have to edit the existing forms or delete and auto-create them again.

ALSO, when changing a field in an existing table to a lookup, there might be some data validation that might occur with the
existing data in that field. I do not know for sure, it has been a while since I've developed Access DB's.

Make a copy of your DB and then experiment on the copy (that way you don't mess up the original) to see what happens when you make
these changes.

I hope this helps,

Conan Kelly


You can do this pretty easily. Just edit the field in the Table's
design view. Change the data type to Lookup, configure it your way and
save it. Go to the form that has the field. Delete the textbox
control its linked to and add in the combo.

You cannot just add a combo and change the ControlSource to the field.
it will work but not give you the lookup functionality (You can add it
manually but your doing the same work twice. Just go to the View Menu
and make sure the Field List is visible. Drag the field name off the
field list onto the form and it will be all setup.

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