Combo Box - values added not displaying



I have two combo boxes. The first which is bound, displays vehicle make.
The second which is not bound is to display the models for the make of
vehicle chosen from combo1.

I used the example on the MSDN site for the second combo. When you click on
the arrow for combo2 (cbo_VehicleModel), it appears that everything works as
combo2 appears to have the correct number of records. The problem is, there
is nothing actually displayed other than a blank list with the depth of the
correct number of entries to be displayed.

If there is an easier or more appropriate why, please feel free to suggest

Private Sub FLD_VehicleMake_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
Dim STR_SQL As String
Dim cboType As ComboBox

STR_SQL = "SELECT TAB_VehicleMakeModel.FLD_VehicleModel FROM
TAB_VehicleMakers " & _
"INNER JOIN TAB_VehicleMakeModel ON
TAB_VehicleMakers.FLD_VehicleMake = " & _
"TAB_VehicleMakeModel.FLD_VehicleMake " & _
"WHERE (((TAB_VehicleMakers.FLD_VehicleMake)= '" &
Me.FLD_VehicleMake & "'));"

Set cboType = Me!cbo_VehicleModel
With cboType
.RowSourceType = "Table/Query"
.RowSource = STR_SQL
.ColumnCount = 1
End With

End Sub


Hi Tom and thanks for responding.

You prompted me to look at all values. The one that triggered it was the
column width was 0". I do not recall setting it to that, but when I set it
to 1", that fixed the problem.

See, when your mired in the details, all it takes is someone to ask a
question, that leads you down a path you never thought of and this one
resolved the problem.

fore color as black (0)
back color as white(16777215)
Column Count 1
Column Heads No
Column Widths 0"
List Width 1"
Visibile Yes
Display When Yes
Border Color 0
Back Style Normal
Enabled Yes
Locked No

Michelle F

I am having a similar problem with a combo box I put in a contacts form.
When you go to select the country of the contact person from the drop-down
list it just displays a blank list. I checked the solutions proposed in this
thread and none of them applied. I have this problem with several other
lists in other tables and can't figure out what is wrong. It seems to just
suddenly switch over from displaying text to being blank. Any thoughts or
direction to another thread would be great!

Tom Wickerath

Hi Michelle,

Which version of Access are you using? If you are using Access 2007, have
you installed the new service pack 1 that is available for this version?

If you'd like to send me a compacted (and preferably zipped) copy of your
database, I'll take a look at it for you. My e-mail address is available at
the bottom of the contributor's page indicated below in my signature. If you
are interested, please use the same subject as this thread for sending your
message. Also, please do not post your e-mail address (or mine) to a
newsgroup reply.

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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