Combo box trouble


Art Vandaley

Access 2007.

Hi Everybody,

I have a table with 10 fields. First combo box is enabling selection of
field lists of the table. I want second combo box to show data of related
field of th table according to the selection of first combo box. I try below

If combo1.value="field1" then
combo2.rowsource="table1" (I just want to have field1's data to be
shown by combo2)

else if combo1.value="field2" then
What should I do in order to get related field's data?
Help please. Regards.



Douglas J. Steele

No need to bother checking what the value is. Just use

Me.combo2.rowsourcetype = "Table/Query"
Me.combo2.rowsource = "SELECT DISTINCT [" & combo1.value & "] " & _
"FROM table1 ORDER BY 1"

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