Combo box trouble


Art Vandaley


(Access 2007)

I have two combo boxes which are unbound. I want 2nd combo box to show value
list according to the value of 1st combo box. As a sample:

If combo1 has value of 1 then combo2 should show list of 1001 and 1002.
If combo1 has value of 2 then combo2 should show list of 2001 and 2002.

I have below code:

Option Compare Database

If Combo1.Value = "1" Then
Combo2.RowSourceType = "TABLE/QUERY"
Combo2.RowSource = "1001;1001"
Else: Combo2.RowSource = "2001;2002"
End If
End Sub



Douglas J. Steele

You're not using Table/Query for the RowSourceType: you're using Value List.


If Combo1.Value = "1" Then
Combo2.RowSource = "1001;1001"
Combo2.RowSource = "2001;2002"
End If
Combo2.RowSourceType = "Value List"

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