Combining footnotes


Steve Hayes

I am editing a book with several different contributors.

At first I used a master document to keep all the chapters, but after reading
here about the unreliability of this method, I have combined all the
sub-documents into a single document.

The trouble is, the footnotes don't seem to have consecutive numbering. Some
begin new on each page, others are new in each chapter.

I have it set to update all fields prior to printing, but that seems to make
nno difference.

How can I get consistent footnote numbers and styles?

Dayo Mitchell

What version of Word are you using? I didn't realize this was possible.

Anyhow, you probably want each contributor in their own chapter, with
footnotes restarting each chapter (that would be standard). Make sure you
have a section break between each chapter (note it is much easier to work
with section breaks and with notes if you are in Normal View, try it out if
you haven't already).

Then you need to set the footnotes to restart each section. In older
versions, go to Insert | Footnotes, click on Options, set Footnotes to
restart each section. Click OK, then click Close to exit the dialog w/o
creating a note. If you accidentally click OK, Undo will undo the insert
but not the formatting change.

In newer versions, I think it's Insert | Reference, Footnote, but the
setting is more visible, not hidden under Options.

You should only need to do this once, it is a whole-doc setting, not a
section setting (or so I thought, but somehow you managed to get different
results in different sections....I have not been able to reproduce that).

If you have section breaks within a chapter (perhaps caused by columns or
switching to landscape orientation), your notes will restart after those
sections as well, which can be a problem.

Hope that helps.

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