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Have two machines that stopped working the same way on the same day.
VSS in both machines stopped working and NTBackups stopped as a
result. VSS service will not start on either machine. Research
indicated that COM+ probably had to be reinstalled.

Upon trying to re-install COM+ following KB315296 I receive the
following error while performing the Windows Components, Next
procedure: Error in
f:\xpsp3\com\com1x\src\comsvcs\events\lcedisp.cpp(131), hr = 80040206:
Failed to CoCreate EventSystem object.

I do have an F drive, but that folder is not present. My OS is at
SP3, from an SP3 update CD.

How do I get around this error or obtain the needed files?




System Administrator

I have succeeded in re-installing COM+. I began the installation of
SP3 from the CD and stopped it after it had written data to the F
drive. I then tried the re-installation procedure for COM+ and it

However, I am still getting VSS errors. When I attempt to run
"vssadmin list writers" I receive "Error: 0x8000fff".

Upon Windows restarts the Event Viewer shows two VSS events:

Application: Event ID 5, Source VSS
Volume Shadow Copy Service initialization error: the COM classes
cannot be registered [0x80004015].

System: Event ID 7024, Source Service Control Manager
The Volume Shadow Copy service terminated with service-specific error
2147500053 (0x80004015).

I have been searching for corrective action for these errors but have
not been successful. Any ideas?


On Thu, 11 Feb 2010 21:59:09 GMT,

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