Code 22 - USB Device



Hi...I have a USB flash drive plugged into my computer. When I plug it in, I
can see the device in device manager, disk drives (along with 4 other drives
that don`t exist, and I can`t uninstall them...Generic USB CF, MS, SD, SM
readers) as Relay UFD USB Device. When I double click on it, it says Code 22,
this device is disabled. When I click on "enable this device," it tells me
that windows cannot enable this device. Any help or suggestions on getting
those other four devices uninstalled (I can "remove" them by going to safely
remove hardware, but they just reinstall on the next start up, even when
nothing is plugged in to ANY USB) and getting my USB UFD enabled?

Cal Bear '66

Does your computer have a built-in flash card reader?

I Bleed Blue and Gold

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