Cluster service event ID 1127


Kerry V

I noticed today that Event ID 1127 from ClusSvc appeared
after I rebooted one of our cluster servers, and a search
of the event logs showed it's been appearing 2-5 times
every time we've rebooted for the last several months.
This error says "The interface for cluster node 'xxxxxxx'
on network 'Local Area Connection 2 (private)' failed."
then it gives some troubleshooting advice if the
condition persists. Since the cluster heartbeat runs
along the private connection, and the error only occurs
immediately after a reboot, I'm thinking it's just a
timing issue and the private connection begins working
again as soon as the server is fully "up".
Has anyone seen this on their clusters? Is there a
specific newsgroup for discussing cluster issues - I
didn't see one.
Kerry V


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