Club 3D radeon 9600, Pro or Value?



I have an ATI RADEON Pro 128 from Club 3D with CGA P968TVD, S/N:
H0312127943, the four principals chisets HY5DU283222 AF-28 328A KOR
7L41735C, Paquet version 7-90-030605m-009814c AMI,Chip Grafic (ASIC) Radeon
9600 Series, Set ID 4150, Vendor ID 1002, SubSysrem ID 2066, Subsysrem
Vendor 148c,Bios ver 8.015, Bios Date 2003/09/20,Memory Type
DDR-SGRAM-SDRAM,ATI cotrolador ati2dv, 2D ver, Control Panel
ver, and the Maker of the grafic target I think CP Technologies
Co Ltd.
In the Club 3D Web said about it, so:

Chipset: ATI

Chip: RV350

Form Factor: AGP 4/8X

GPU Mhz: 400

Memory MHz: 300

Video memory: 128 Mb

Memory Bandwith: 128 bit

Memory Type: BGA DDR

DVI: Yes


Features: Unprecedented mainstream power with a powerful base of four
rendering pipelines, two geometry engines, and support for the AGP 8X
standard Inspiring cinematic quality with the latest advances in ATI
engineering Full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0, the industry-leading
API for the most wanted gaming titles Next-generation gameplay backed by the
power and stability of CATALYSTT software suite

Order Code: CGA-P968TVD

I would like to Know, I need it, if I have the proper chipset PRO (at 2.8
ns, .13 micron chip technology, etc). Or where I can look for it to be sure
"what" I have in fat. And what about Catalyst?. Would you....Oh thanks a
lot and luky for ever.
Guillermo from Spain
(e-mail address removed)

Lars Hansen

You can see what card you have by the frequency of the memory - the value
card runs at 200Mhz memory while the pro card runs at 300Mhz memory. The
frequency can be seen my a program like powerstrip, rage3d or radclock.

Also, you can examine the card and take a look at the memory chip serial
numbers and search google.

I had a club 3d 9600 pro ve, which had the slower memory - I returned it to
the retailer and got a gecube 9600XT(500MHz core/324Mhz memory)... 3d mark
2001 are now 10.000 instead of the 8200 I got with the 9600 w/400Mhz
core/200Mhz memory.


1) install overclocking software like radlinker or rage3d and check what
speeds it reports (core and memory) - that will tell you whether you have a
pro or not.
2) go to and download the latest drivers for your OS.

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