Closing Outlook Express does not log off Identity

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Jack B. Pollack

I have a WinXP Computer with Outlook Express 6 on it. I am trying to get the
identities to work they way they work on another XP machine I have.

I have set up in Outlook 2 identities, both have passwords.
I have UNCHECKED 'Use this identity when starting program'

On this computer if I log out of Windows and start OE, Outlook does ask for
an identity and password. If I then close OE without login out of Windows
again, Outlook opens the previously opened identity.

On my other system, EVERY time I open OE it asks for an identity and

I have tried OE Update Q331923.

Anyone have any ideas on 'fixing' this?


Ben M. Schorr, MVP-OneNote

This newsgroup is for support of Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002 & 2003 from the
family for Intel PCs. For Outlook Express (OE) support try posting in one of
these newsgroups:
microsoft.public.inetexplorer.ie4.outlookexpress for OE 4.x for OE 5.x for OE 5.5x for OE 6.x
microsoft.public.internet.mail.mac for the Macintosh version of OE

If those groups aren't carried on the news server that's carrying this group
try using (MS's public news server that's the source
for all the microsoft.public newsgroups).

Also a good source of Outlook Express info can be found here:


Ben M. Schorr, OneNote-MVP

**I apologize but I am unable to respond to direct requests for assistance.
Please post questions and replies here in the newsgroup. Mahalo!

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