Clients getting disconnected from Terminal Server.


Ron Gabaree

Hi There,

I have a site that has a Win2k Terminal Server (SP4) with 1 or 2 LAN users
and 3-5 WAN users. The WAN users are coming in over a DSL internet line
through a router.

Quite often the users are getting disconnected from TS with the following

"Because of Protocol Errors this session will be disconnected. Please try
connecting to the remote again".

All of the clients are running RDP 5.1. The clients are all WinXP Pro. I
need to qualify if this issue happens for both WAN and LAN users. I know it
happens for the WAN users.

The server has been patched with the 32446 patch from Microsoft.

Any ideas?

Many thanks...




Matthew Harris [MVP]

Transient problems with the internet or networks in
general can cause packets to be lost and encryption to
fail. This might be what is happening.


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