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I'm was testing a winXP VPN client using PPTP on my local
intranet. I'm able to access the VPN server at Even though
i'm able to get to the internet, i'm unable to ping the router at
or any other internal ip address besides If i disconnect the
VPN the client can ping all addresses. I set up ethereal to run on
simultaneously on both adapters (local and VPN) and noticed that all internet
traffic still is resolved on the local nic but when i ping any internal
address i get Request Timed Out and it is trying to resolve on the 102 VPN
adapter. Is there anyway i can connect to the VPN server but still be able
to ping all internal addresses?
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20 1 20 1 50 20 20 50 20 50 20 1
Default Gateway:




Robert L [MS-MVP]

quoted from
Can't access the remote network at home only

Symptoms: you setup VPN on a laptop connecting to the office VPN Server.
At home, you can connect and authenticate just fine but can't ping any
address on the remote network. If using the same laptop in a different
location, the VPN works.

Cause: The problem is the home LAN (VPN client) using the same IP and Subnet
as the remote LAN you were trying to dial into.
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