Clicking on cell with email address opens Outlook Express



When I click on a cell that contains an email address Excel automatically
opens Outlook Express and tries to send an email to that address. Once I have
clicked on the cell the formatting changes to blue text with underlining and
becomes a hyperlink. The next time I click that cell it opens Outlook
Express, and I have to wait for that program to finish opening and then close
it. But usually I just need to copy the address to paste it into another
application. How can I remove the hyperlink formatting, and how can I
prevent clicking on the cell from opening Outlook Express? I have found
nothing about this in the Help feature.



Sean Timmons

OK, just for an FYI, you can change the e-mail program that your hyperlinks
will open by going to an Internet Explorer window, selecting Tools > Internet
Options ? Programs tab and changing the E-mail drop down to select your
desired e-mail type.

To remove hyperlinks from your cells, type 1 into a blank cell and copy the

Highlight the e-mail addresses in question.

Select Paste Special and click the multiply option buton, then click OK.



Gord Dibben

If you click and hold OE won't open.

So if you had emails adds in A1:A10 click and hold A1 then drag down to
select all.

Then copy and paste.

If you don't want these as hyperlinks, run this macro on the selected range.

Sub Delete_Hyperlinks()
Dim Cell As Range
For Each Cell In Intersect(Selection, _
Selection.SpecialCells(xlConstants, xlTextValues))
Next Cell
End Sub

To prevent Excel from treating these as hyperlinks when you enter them in
the future go to Tools>Autocorrect Options>AutoFormat as you type.

Clear the option at Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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