Click event not firing in Outlook 2007



I have a custom form (based on an IPM.Note) that uses a command button and vb
script to save an attachment to a users "My Documents" folder. The click
event fires when I "Run this Form" (from the Developer's tab) or when I open
it from File, New, Choose Form. However, if I send the form, the click event
doesn't work for the recipient. I'm not using a separate read layout, it is
set to send the form definition with the item, the form is published to the
Organizational Forms Library, my security settings are set to warn for all
macros. Also, the form is fully functional when used in Outlook 2000. I'm
totally baffled!

Any ideas on what the problem is?



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Your VBA security settings have nothing to do with code behind an Outlook form. You will need to clear the "send form definition with item" box and republish the form.


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