clearing address bar history



I just changed to XP from Windows 98. Clearing history
in Internet options is not clearing the address bar of
websites visited before I changed to XP; it does erase
sites visited since the change to XP. Is this
coincidence or is there a connection? Unchecking the web
address search in Autocomplete eliminates that function
but the addresses remain nonetheless. Thanks.


These are from various each
How to Use AutoComplete Feature Internet Explorer 5 and 6
There are lots of autocomplete features in XP
Google history is at the bottom.
Remove hidden AutoComplete entries in History
visit this site:
Internet Explorer 6.0 window:
-->Tools button
--->Internet options
---->Content tab
----->Autocomplete button
Use AutoComplete for:
[_] Web addresses
[_] Forms
[_] User names and passwords on forms
Make desired changes on options.
Internet Explorer 6.0 window:
--Tools button
---Internet Options
----Advanced tab
-----Browsing (list)
-------[_] Show friendly URLs
-------[_] Show friendly HTTP error messages
-------[_] Use Inline AutoComplete
Make desired changes on options.
Internet Explorer 6.0 window:
-Tools (button)
-Internet Options
-Click Advanced (tab)
In listing find:
-Search from the Address bar
---When searching
(_) Display results, and go to the most likely site.
(_) Do not search from the Address bar.
(_) Just dispaly the results in main window.
(_) Just go to the most likely site.
Make desired changes on options.
In Start 'Search' window:
-Left column pick "More advanced options" chevron
--Slide down & pick "Change preferences"
---Pick "Turn autocomplete on/off"
---Pick "With/Without an animated screen character"
Make other desired changes on options
Google toolbar history:
Click on small triangle next to word google
Click on clear history or recent history

Yahoo toolbar history
somewhere on the toolbar

ebay toolbar history
Click on ebay button
AutoComplete Does Not Save Username and Password
visit this site: http://;EN-US;Q306895

AutoComplete and Vcard and how they work
visit this site: http://

The AutoComplete Feature May Not Complete Long Web
visit this site: http://
visit this site: http://
Your Outlook Express Password Is Not Retained in Windows
2000 or XP
visit this site: http://;en-us;264672
Your Password Is Not Retained in Windows 2000 or Windows
visit this site: http://;en-us;259416
DelTypedURL [right-click and select: Save Target As]
Removes the URL's from the Address Bar drop-down list
without deleting the Internet Explorer History.
To use: right-click and select: Install
Note: this does not remove entries entered via

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