Clean xp Wim


Adam Downie


I am trying to deploy xp via system centre to multiple different types of
hardware. I want a Wim of xp thats clean and does not have any drivers in
that will cause BSOD's. I have tried removing drivers from an image i have
taken from a reference machine without much luck.

Any ideas on the best method of resolving this?




It seems to me that during the initial install process, windows uses a
very stripped down sort of "universal" version of windows to get the
system up and running, and then eventually starts the detection process.
I believe the documentation is still available via MSDN, and is part of
the OEM documentation. The tools you will likely need are in an OEM kit.
Given the number of changes to XP, you will likely end up with a "slip
streamed" install disk.

I'm curious as to the drivers you are associating with BSODs, as
incorrect or obsolete drivers may cause this problem.

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