MDT 2008 LTI with XP SP3 working directory error



Server 2003 R2 running on VMware ESX.
WDS, MDT 2008, WAIK x86 1.1, MSXML 6.0 installed.

MDT setup:
Distribution share populated with XP slipstreamed with SP3. SP3 sysprep added to OS support\tools folder.
Added 14 applications to suit Dell D630. Mostly drivers that come with
utility apps and so need to be installed silently as opposed to injected.
Dependencies set.
No OS packages.
OOB drivers populated with network, chipset and SATA/AHCI drivers so WinPE
can boot and talk to the network.
1 task sequence for the XP SP3 OS - standard client, with product key,
prompt for admin password, no changes made to sysprep.inf or unattend.txt.
1 deployment point - Lab or single server, Bootstrap.ini edited to use
%WDSServer% variable, prompt to install apps, allow image capture.
No other changes made to task sequence or deployment settings other than
what's mentioned.

Update deployment point to create LTI boot .WIM
Add .WIM to WDS
PXE boot reference D630 laptop and choose LTI WIM
WinPE loads and installs XP SP3
After several reboots, specify workgroup to allow capture, applications
begin to install

And this is where the problem occurs.
The first 5 applications successfully install silently (chipset, smartcard,
storage, audio and video) then installation stops and a dialog displays
showing errors. The remaining 9 applications are listed with the error
"Unable to set working directory" and code -2147023665. At the end of the
list is an error for TSMBOOTSTRAP.EXE with return code -2147467259.

Each of the 9 failed apps installs successfully if I type the command with
full network path into Start->Run in WinPE.

So my questions are:
1) Why do 4 install and then not the other 9 when all apps have been
configured in MDT Workbench the same?
2) How to continue the LTI process after these errors? It seems to just
halt at this point and doesn't proceed to the capture stage.
3) How to trace the LTI process? There are two log files consisting of 1
line each specifying the 'working directory' error and that's all I can find.
4) Have I missed something important?

I appreciate any and all assistance as the update MDT/PXE boot/deploy/fail
cycle is very time consuming.


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