Deploying Windows XP with MDT 2010



Hello there.

Has anyone had any success deploying or creating WIMs for Windows XP using
MDT 2010. Is there any documentation out there other than what is in MDT 2010?

I have just started using MDT 2010 on a new Windows Server 2008 X64 and
attempted to create a WIM for Windows XP SP3 and I have received an unusual

Error: The \\*SERVERNAME*\Deploymentshare$\Operating Systems\Windows XP
Professional SP3\SUPPORT\TOOLS\DEPLOY.CAB file is older than the Windows
source files (\\*SERVERNAME*\Deploymentshare$\Operating Systems\Windows XP
Professional SP3\i386\winnt32.exe). Using older versions of Sysprep is not
supported. Ensure that you have the appropriate version.
ZTI ERROR - Non-zero return code by LTISysprep, rc = 1
Litetouch deployment failed. Return Code = -2147467259 0x80004005

Any help would be appreciated.



I didn't try to use MDT. But you can create image using WDS.
Prepare Windows XP computer with sysprep and boot from capture image.

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