Clean reinstall of XP from external HDD



After 4 years of steady use, my computer failed to boot and I took it too a
computer specialist who said that the internal C Drive was sick and he
replaced it with a new internal drive. Now I have to reinstall the operating
system, WindowsXP(Home) with SP2 and numerous updates. I have looked at the
discussion forum at length. There are many useful threads but none quite
specific to my situation.

Some weeks before the crash I copied an image (not a precise clone) of the C
Drive to an eternal HDD. I have the original OEM CD-ROM supplied with the
machine and the CD-ROM for SP2. I also have copies of a host of "Updates"
downloaded from the Microsoft site.

It seems I have the following options:

1. To reinstall the OS from the original CD-ROM, apply the SP2 and then go
to the Microsoft Update site to download and apply all of the relevant

2. To reinstall the OS and apply SP2 as above but the apply the updates from
the copies held on the external HDD. (I do not know if this is possible or
how to go about it).

3. To reinstall the OS and apply SP2 as above (which I presume I will have
to do to set up a new MBR on C) and then copy the C: root directory and
C:WINDOWS files for the external HDD. (Again, I do not know if this is
possible or how to go about it).

This may be all too difficult and the simple but time consuming Option-1 may
be the only way to go. I wish i had heard about disk-cloning software before
I got into this position.


Personally I would go with (1)
2) Only possible if you actually downloaded to hd the updates as opposed to
installed them from MS Update


Many thanks for your prompt response. I have noticed that you always
provide constructive comments. Please keep up the good work?


You can download to hd winxp updates, look for administrative updates on MS
You can also slipstream the updates into a winxp installation cd/dvd

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