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Feb 14, 2010
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I am interested a CI module for my Philip's Ambi Light TV.
We are living abroad at the moment in Northern Germany.
We have 2 sat dishes............ 1 for UK TV (HD)
1 for NL TV (non HD).
Also a separate recorder.
Everything works fine via scart leads and HDMI.

We are looking at buying a CI module which will slot into the TV.

Q. Will I still be able to record a UK program and watch NL program at the same time.
With there being no NL HD receiver would I just connect a scart lead from the TV to recorder.
Hope this makes sense.


Jan 13, 2018
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It might sound a bit daft, but I've always wanted to see exactly what goes on under-the-hood. Way back, as a teen, I was given an "Elizabethan" brand reel-to-reel. It was brand new, and the best my folks could afford at the time. I loved it.

It recorded/played-back just fine, mostly, but it had an intermittent "rumble" which would suddenly come from somewhere in it's depths. Never knew what caused it, only that a sharp whack on the site of the case, (which was my youthful, high-tech way of dealing with it) would immediately stop the rumble. (It never did that when recording, only during play-back - and even then, it was intermittent.) So a bit of a mystery to me

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